Powers International LLC owns a patented end-to-end chain of custody solution called the Powers Secured® System


Powers Secured®System (POWERS SECURED®)

Process to create an auditable chain of custody solution

The POWERS SECURED® global system begins by electronically recording the identity of the AUTHORIZED person responsible for monitoring the "stuffing" and securing of the container at the foreign point of origin and at destination. The system has the ability to connect trade data that will link the specific container to other data contained in the user's logistics software system, detect and report any breach through any portion of the container and, provide tracking information, all via worldwide satellite and/or selected cellular communication, all by real-time or near real-time communications.

Powers International participates in a private sector pilot on the US / Mexico border to demonstrate technology process supporting the DHS Secure Trade Corridor concept.







Powers International is a global organization focused on solving security challenges and global trade issues by providing cost-effective container security technology.



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