Powers International LLC owns a patented end-to-end chain of custody solution called the Powers Secured® System



Utilizing Powers Secured®

  • You can know when your container is stuffed, armed, locked and begins its movement to you?
  • You can have your imported cargo verified at origin by an identified individual?
  • You can have shipping data transmitted electronically from origin to include the actual container number?
  • You can have any opening of or into the container detected and sent to you electronically as the breach occurs?
  • You can monitor in real time or close to real time the movement of your cargo from ori-gin to destination?
  • You can be advised electronically of changes in the internal environment of the container throughout its movement?
  • You can certify US Customs C-TPAT and European Union AEO origin to destination compliance?
  • You can create a chain-of-custody within the global supply chain developing electronic evi-dentiary documents for legal proceedings?
  • You can meet requirements for the Rotterdam Rules for certification of shipment contents?
  • You can certify Chain of Custody requirements for National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)?
  • You can address certification of cargo contents to address issues of “said to contain” liabili-ties for carriers?
  • You can by establishing verification of stuffing by an authorized agent; you improve your “risk assessment” and thereby limit potential for additional Customs inspections?


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