Powers International LLC created and patented end-to-end chain of custody for the global cargo supply chain.


Powers Secured®System, what does it do?

Process to create an auditable chain of custody end-to-end solution within the worldwide cargo supply chain.

The Powers Secured® Patented Process simply develops the chain of custody by electronically identifying the Authorized Individual at the “stuffing” of the cargo container at origin, controls access to the container throughout the supply chain and electronically identifies the Authorized Individual at destination.

During this shipment the data from cargo shipment experience is tracked, documented and electronically communicated to the appropriate stakeholders.

This establishment of a chain of custody process provides:

  • Certification of Origin
  • Real-time documentation of cargo transport events
  • Documentation of who had the custody of the cargo during a cargo event
  • Documentation of where and when the event occured

Powers International is a global organization focused on solving security challenges and global trade issues by providing cost-effective container security technology.


September 2017

Powers International LLC partners with Swiss leader in cargo intelligence to insure best of the industry cargo data analytics and return on investment operational efficiencies : arviem AG:


June 2017

POWERS INTERNATIONAL CEO Ed Harrison along with Stefan Reidy , CEO of arviem AG , recently published in Maritime Logistics Professional Magazine: CONTAINER SECURITY DEVICES: THE TIME IS NOW


January 31, 2017

On September 7, 2016 Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Interior announced the selection and awarding of Powers International to demonstrate its Chain-of-Custody technology for verifying cargo and monitoring its movement from origin to destination on global shipments between the United States and Europe.  As a result of a joint decision of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Interior, they have established a public-private partnership called CORE to simultaneously optimize and enhance supply chain security.  The program involves global supply shipments between the United States and the European Union.  Specifically, one of its purposes is to demonstrate the use of Container Security technology available today for use by supply chain stakeholders, and involving public entities, border authorities, and supply chain solution providers. 

As a result of this award, Powers International has announced its partnership with CORE.  Powers International has been selected and included with public and private entities like Interpol, Customs Cooperation Council, DHL, Maersk, and Proctor and Gamble, to name just a few of the other partners within the CORE Consortium.   Powers International along with its European partner Arviem are commercial supply chain solution providers that will demonstrate their container Security Devices (CSDs) which are supported by a “business rules” platform providing a unique Chain-of-Custody control of the cargo which includes the electronic documentation of the identity of the person verifying the cargo at origin, its monitoring of the cargo’s conveyance through the global supply chain and the also the identification of the individual at destination who opens and verifies the cargo.  The control process allows the integration of this control technology with government servers and the divergent government requirements of global shipments between the United States, Europe and other foreign nations from the point of “stuffing” at origin to deconsolidation at destination, serving as an electronic audit of the cargo’s movement, access, and control.

This Department of Homeland Security-European Union Core research project was successfully completed January 31, 2017 with the participation of Lockheed Martin and Dole Foods.



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